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Our ramen is cooked in house daily with pure pork. We use all the highest grade, FRESH ingredients.It is traditional Japanese broth that is reduced for 24 HOURS in order to achieve maximum flavor. 
Shoyu- This is our staple pork stock with a soy addition served with egg noodles.

Miso- Staple pork stock with a miso paste addition served with egg noodles.

Tonkatsu- Staple pork stock that is then salted and served with egg noodles.

Veggie- This broth DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY MEAT. Our veggie ramen broth is vegan. Edible kelp is steeped with all organic miso served with rice noodles. 
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Ramen Add Ons

shoyu egg
        garlic chip              garlic butter    
 curry butter
  sweet corn  
 spicy kimchi
crispy bacon